Pharmacist Nation TV Network


We Are Pharmacist Nation TV Network Powered by Florida Pharmacy Association! 

That’s right.  Pharmacists of Florida have their own Television Network with programming for pharmacists and the pharmacy profession all the time.  Imagine our own television network comprised of specific channels for the needs of the pharmacist and the pharmacy profession.

From the FPA Student Channel to the FPA Partner Channel, and everything in between – including the FPA Development Channel where you can earn your CE’s on-line like never before, it’s all here!  Just click our WEB Channel Friends tab above to see our Channel listings and in one click visit the channels!

You can also jump in the conversation as a WEB Reporter for Pharmacist Nation TV Network.  Text the word “WEBReporterPharmacist” and send to 96362 for download link for our FREE WEB Reporter app that turns your smartphone into your video reporting tool.  After download add (+) 9372 and/or any of our Channels.  Record your videos in selfie mode horizontal and send – we’ll add your reports to the programming!

You can support the Advocacy efforts of Florida Pharmacy Association.  Text the word “FPAAdvocacy” and send from your smartphone to 96362.  For a minimum of $5 or more, you can help support the advocacy efforts of the FPA to help ensure we can help Pharmacists become part of the healthcare delivery system!

Welcome to Pharmacist Nation TV Network!

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